2NE1 Releases “Missing You” MV!

It’s unacceptable with the lack of updates on 2NE1’s comeback here at Daebak Koreans, but what’s better than updating you guys with the actual MV? That’s right nothing, so what are you waiting for? Come check it out!

2NE1_1384968957_af_orgI’m truly sorry for the lack of update on 2NE1’s comeback because this is unexpected news during the time finals are becoming important, so I apologize. The question is what haven’t you heard about the comeback? Well, I’ll give a rundown on 2NE1 news:

  1. CL nude scene in the MV
  2. YG’s boss’s wife cried to the song “Missing You”
  3. They’ll be performing at the MAMA 2013 (It’s a YG show)
  4. and 2NE1 announces on World Tour in 2014 (Please come to Thailand).

I think that’s about it in 2NE1 news if you don’t know already, but enough of the talking here’s the MV!

My Reaction *Haven’t did it yet, but will after class. Anticipate it!*

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