2013 MAMA Winners!

Guys, I couldn’t stay up to watch the MAMA because of *insert excuse*. But I had a reason, so please forgive me! I got the winners list here, so come and check out to see if your favorite artist won an award.


So since most of the acceptance speech videos are block, I’m just going to post their music video and some pictures. Sorry, about that, but here’s the winners’ list.

Best New Female Artist: Crayon Pop

Best New Male Artist: Roy Kim

Best Female Artist: Lee Hyori

Best Male Artist: G-Dragon

click to work

click to work

Best Female Group: Girls’ Generation

Best Male Group: INFINITE


Best Dance Performance – Female Group: SISTAR – “Give it to Me

Best Dance Performance – Male Group: SHINee – “Dream Girl

Best Dance Performance – Female Solo: CL – “The Baddest Female

Best Dance Performance – Male Solo: G-Dragon – “Crooked

Best Vocal Performance – Female: Ailee – “U & I

Best Vocal Performance – Male: Lee Seung Gi – “Return

Best Band Performance: Busker Busker – “First Love

Best Rap Performance: Dynamic Duo – “BAAAM

Best OST: Yoon Mi Rae (‘The Sun of My Master‘)

Best Music Video: G-Dragon – “Coup D’Etat

Artist of the Year: G-Dragon 

Album of the Year: EXO – ‘XOXO

Song of the Year: Cho Yong Pil – “Bounce

Style in Music Award: SISTAR

Next Generation Global Star Award: A Pink

Worldwide Performer Award: INFINITE

Best Concert Performer Award: Lee Seung Chul

International Favorite Artist Award: Ylvis

Music Makes One Global Ambassador Award: Stevie Wonder

Are you guys satisfied with the result? I think it’s good list.





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