Nine Muses Releases MV Teaser ‘Glue’

You guys have to be over the age of 25 to see it. What? Come check out the teaser where you have to be a super adult to view it.

Nine-Muses_1385482795_af_orgJust playing the teaser is perfectly fine, but the MV will be a 25+ rating and I don’t know why. If Seungri’s teaser was rated 19 and that was out there then what the heck will Nine Muses be doing in their MV? Having sex or something? I don’t know if they’re trying to hype up their MV with this rating, but if it’s not worthy for the 25+ rating I think I’ll be upset. I don’t even know why, maybe because there’s a rating that goes up to 25 years old. That’s just so unusual because you are a super adult by that age. I don’t know, but I cannot wait to see the MV. Hot guys is going to be in there doing *insert word here* things to the girls. I’m not a pervert, okay. Check out the teaser.


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