Tasty (Twins) Release ‘Day n’ Night’ MV

I call them the Tasty Twins because it just sounds a bit cooler than Tasty, but they’re extremely tasty in this MV. Come check out this dramatic MV.

To see Tasty again is always a good thing because they’re twins! Twins will always have other twins’ backs. Lol, that kind of depends, but I think I’ll like this concept more so than “MAMAMA” and I like “MAMAMA”. I don’t know if they brought something new to the plate, but I think Ill enjoy the MV. *Yeah, I haven’t seen it yet. I’m such a bad K-pop blogger.* But the MV is here for you to look at it, so what are you guys waiting for?

My Reaction *It’ll be up either on Sunday or Monday* 


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