What’s going on with Daebak Koreans?

I won’t add any introduction to this post as I do other post because this is an update post on Daebak Koreans. Oh what the heck, I’ll just put introduction. It’s an update on my blog and also my experience Black Thursday Friday shopping.

click to work

click to work

I haven’t been posting on my Thanksgiving break because it’s kind of a break, but it was also my birthday yesterday. So, I was stuffing my face with turkey and birthday cake. Jeez, I’m getting fatter this break! No need to wish me a happy belated birthday, but I still would like one though. Matter of fact, I didn’t enjoy Thanksgiving because I was outside Best Buy at 4 pm Thanksgiving day. (Is it alright to change Black Friday to Black Thursday?) Just check out the pictures I took!

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Yup, I got myself a new laptop! *Praise dance then hits the dougie* As you can see in the first picture, it’s cold as I don’t know what in Lee Summit. It was so cold that I couldn’t feel my toes an hour into waiting for the ticket. I probably didn’t wear the warmest shoes (regular tennis shoes), but Best Buy lied in their advertisement paper. That’s another story, but I’m currently blogging from my new laptop! Woot! So, I apologize for not blogging until now, but I’ll be back a Webster on Sunday and hopefully I can dish out some reaction videos.

Until next time!

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