9Muses Releases ‘Glue’ MV + MV Reaction

They lied to us! This is not a 25+ rated MV and I’m beyond upset! If you haven’t seen the MV yet, come check it out along with my reaction video!

Nine-Muses_1385482795_af_orgYes I know, I’m really late with the post and I have a reason. Finals. Nuff said, but I have time on this gloomy Sunday to update this amazing blog, so I might as well blog about this MV. As I said above, this isn’t the 25+ rated MV I was looking for, but a 15 rated MV. I’m not THAT upset about it (Well, I am a little bit), but that’s false advertisement. Aside from 9Muses’ fans, people were curious about the MV that made it a 25+ rating. I was super curious because what could they possibly film that only super adults can watch? It’s either too sexy or too bloody to deserve that rating in S.Korea…I assume. But, we didn’t get that and I’m disappointed. Clearly. Again, if you haven’t seen the MV, check it out.

My Reaction

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