EXO Releases ‘Miracles in December’ MV

It’s that time of the year to use words like “Jolly, miracles, Christmas, and Santa Clause,” but that’s associated with happy themes. This MV is not happy, but sad. Grab a tissue and come watch this MV along with my reaction!

EXO_1385704072_af_orgThis is the most depressing song I’ve heard in December with a title that is associated to miracles. How is that even possible? How can you cry (out of sadness) when the title seem so happy or joyous? I won’t even try to wrap my brain around that because I won’t be able to figure that out without putting my personal beliefs into the mix. Also, only three members are singing in the entire song, but you get to see the rest of the members. Check out EXO using their powers to control time and the weather.

My Reaction

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