What Does VIXX Win Have to do With B.A.P?

This is a great moment for Starlights, but why is B.A.P tied into this amazing win? What are people saying about B.A.P’s music and their future? This is an opinion post, so beware.

VIXX_1384358469_af_orgFirst off I want to congratulate VIXX for winning their very first music show trophy! It was an great win to a highly disturbing, but great song. Seriously, that MV was too creepy for me, but unfortunately this post isn’t entirely for VIXX’s win. It’s about people who are doubting B.A.P’s success and music because they haven’t won a trophy on any music shows. Somehow I knew people were going to bring up B.A.P’s name after the win, but some people are just taking it too far for me. A small thing can set me off when it comes to B.A.P because they’re my babies, but I feel as if this situation is in the middle. It’s not too big of a situation, but it’s not small either, so I have to comment on it. Here’s what people are saying that caused B.A.P not to win a trophy:

  1. Too many comebacks
  2. Repetitive sound
  3. Their musicality is decreasing
  4. Comeback at the wrong time

I think there’s more, but these are the ones people keep bringing up. I like to talk about each section because I believe each reason can be voided.

BAP_1375404093_20130802_bap1For the too many comebacks route, why is that a problem? Why can’t they release music when they want to? They are from a small company, so they HAVE to keep themselves relevant to the S.Korean public. I need you guys to understand that despite all of their comebacks, they’re still not well-known in S.Korea. Let me repeat that. After 10 comebacks they’re STILL not that well-known in S.Korea.  You can argue that they have too many comeback, but isn’t that what VIXX is doing this year? I think this picture can sum it up.


I’m not trying to knock VIXX down or anything because I like this group, but why are some people being hypocrites towards B.A.P? Plus, I do think that they (B.A.P) really want to release music for people to hear. People still don’t understand that it’s their job to put out music. They’re not earning money by sitting on their butts thinking to have a comeback. They actually have to comeback to make a profit, but again this is B.A.P. They’re not doing it for the money (not entirely that is), but they want to release as much music as they can to the public.

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Repetitive Sound

I really hate this comment because people don’t know what they want from B.A.P. They want them to keep their badass image, but they want them to be different. I think I’ve mentioned this a lot in my vlogs, but I’m not that well-known to the K-pop community, so I guess I can mention it again. When B.A.P came out with Crash and Stop it, people wanted them to go back to their badass ways, but when they released One Shot people called it Warrior 2.0 and wanted them to do something different. When they released Hurricane (something entirely different from their badass concept and Crash/Stop it concept) people didn’t like it. So what exactly do you want from them? Please tell me because I just don’t know what else they can possibly do to please the public. They’re not trying to be repetitive, but if people like their badass concept then they will do it. It’s not them being repetitive, but the people who want them to stick to a particular concept is making them be repetitive.

214786tumblrlp2o8hn9dG1qji4vmMusicality Decreasing?

This part will be really short because people are confusing themselves when they said this. Well, something like this. They usually say, “It’s quality over quantity” or that their “music quality is decreasing”. Sorry to break it to you, but you just don’t like that song. Just because people did not like Badman, does that mean that their song suck? No, we will not like all the songs that they put out, but to say that the music quality suck is downright disrespectful. It’s really rude, so I just want people to STOP confusing themselves with not liking the music by saying that they’re musicality sucks.

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Comebacks at the Wrong Time

Jeez, this one really gets on my nerves. Question: When exactly should they comeback? When there’s no big named idol promoting? I don’t know if you guys pay attention to K-pop, but big named idol groups comeback every month, so again when should they release something? I don’t think that coming back at the wrong time matters because VIXX released something when Hyorin came out, and oh gee 2ne1, and they still won Music Bank. Does anybody wants to argue with me here on this point? You can’t because thanks to VIXX I have concrete evidence to say this. There is no wrong time to comeback.


Welp, this is what I think about this whole thing. People can agree or disagree with me, but I just wanted to get this off my chest because this whole thing is nonsense. VIXX wins a music show trophy and people want to doubt B.A.P. B.A.P will have their time to win and be noticed by a lot of people (mostly S.Koreans), but it’s not their time now. My prediction in 2014 is that B.A.P will do well this upcoming year. I just have this feeling that they will bring something new to the plate. I don’t know what that is, and I may be wrong, but something will happen. Just something.

Phew, that’s a lot. Until next time!


5 thoughts on “What Does VIXX Win Have to do With B.A.P?

  1. I agree with you as regards the musicality and the sound points, but I have to say that there could be wrong moments to come back.
    It’s true that big names are always out, but Vixx managed to win because they were in the middle of their promotions. I mean, it wasn’t their first week but it was for Hyorin, for example, and 2NE1 had already won multiple times. So it worked for them. But yes, they have the right to come back when they want, I’m not complaining. Plus, I think it’s the company that push them to release songs fast.
    At the beginning of the year the gained popularity with One Shot, and I hope with the comeback that’s about to come (lol sorry) they will finally gain something to prove stupid people that need a proof that they’re worth attention.
    Thank you for the post ^^

  2. novyaeka23 says:

    Well I agree with some of your opinion. and see? Your prediction is absolutely right u know? B.A.P back with 1004 and grab 3 thophy from music champions, Music Bank and Inkigayo.

  3. Kei says:

    I agree with this article in its entirety. Knowing B.A.P Yongguk puts so much effort into writing theirs songs, which not many kpop groups have the freedom to do. I actually like new concepts they do like in ‘Where are you? What are you doing?’ because it shows sides they have true to themselves and not what the company tells them.
    Regarding your predictions, oh boy did you ever see that coming….

  4. osembluesky says:

    I really like ur statements. keep supporting BAP >_<

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