EXO Releases ‘Miracles in December’ Album!

If you thought “Miracles in December” MV and song was depressing while the album will make you feel better. Come check out the album that achieved an almost all-kill on the charts.


Yup, EXO did not disappoint their fans with this album. I mean selling over 350K albums in such a short amount of time must scream great album right? In my opinion, I think it’s an alright album. It’s alright because they have at least 2 songs that captured me and I like the bridge in “Miracles in December”. That’s it. This is a really really slow album. It’s something you want to hear while reading a book or hear while staring out the window thinking about your life.tumblr_lvlbb1BfZ11qgkzcm

Unfortunately, I cannot read with music playing, but that other part I do all the time. It’s just too slow to me, but that does not mean that it’s a bad album. I need people to understand that I don’t connect with ballads unless they have a good beat and harmonious bridge like “Miracles in December”. Though, EXO did have an upidy song on this album, but why was it towards the end of the album? Oh wait, SM tends to do this a lot and I like that song (it’s called The Star). I wish that it was the second or third song in the album, but I guess I should be happy that it’s on the album. That rapping and beat in the beginning made me like it, but I don’t know what they’re saying. Oh well, but overall I like “The Star” and “My Turn to Cry”.

Christmas Day

First Snow

The Star

My Turn to Cry

Miracles in December Instrumental 

What do you guys think of the album? Do you think it’s worth the all-kill?


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