SHINee Releases ‘Colorful’ MV

SHINee (or SM) tried to pull a Beyonce! Well they did in a way, but check out this MV that’s looking back on their time as the members of SHINee!

SHINee_1380845378_af_orgIf you thought that sub-unit BH’s debut was a slap to the face, SHINee’s MV must have been a double slap to the face because again this was unexpected. They literally announced that they were going to release this MV like 12 hours ago. 12 hours. But this song will not be promoted, so I guess teaser photos weren’t necessary. Still, I wished they gave a heads up a day or two ago. Jeez, but what are you guys waiting for? Go check out the MV!

My Reaction 


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