Big Bang’s Seungri Involved In Car Accident

Goodness. Where did it happen? Who are to blame and what’s his response after the incident? All that here and you know somebody is to blame.



When I heard that Seungri got into a car accident I was like, “Another car accident, really?” and that’s because car accidents in S.Korea with idols became the norm…unfortunately. But he was in China when the accident occurred and a sasaeng fan was the caused of it. Yeah, a sasaeng fan. I knew Big Bang had sasaengs, but ones to the point of causing an accident and almost killing her favorite idol, that I didn’t know. I thought Big Bang’s fandom was mature, but there’s a few that aren’t…clearly.

Here’s what YG Entertainment said:

“The car of a fan who was following Seungri collided with a staff’s car which also collided with the car Seungri was riding in… Fortunately, it is not a major accident so Seungri suffered no injuries. Because it was a minor accident, it was settled [between both parties] well.”


tumblr_m8qs4x7fK71qk7jgbSettled? He settled with the sasaeng? Okay, see this is how they get away with so much stuff. So, if Seungri was injured YG would have pressed charges? Why does it have to go that far? Why does somebody have to get hurt for companies to do something about the sasaeng problem at hand? Let me stop. I’m sounding like a broken record if I continued, but here’s what Seungri said on his Twitter.

I like how he’s being the bigger person and how he’s reassuring the fans, but c’mon now a sasaeng fan caused a car accident. A car accident, but again kudos for being the bigger person. Hopefully, this won’t happen again and if it does…I hope they report it. But, I’m glad that Seungri is okay. He makes everything hilarious in the news…aside from this.



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