TVXQ Celebrates 10th Anniversary by Releasing Comeback Teaser for Full Album!

A mouth full, but TVXQ is coming back with “Tense”! Come check out the teaser and full details on the album.

TVXQ_1388019728_mf3Ten years. That’s a lot in K-pop, well after Shinhwa that is, but that’s still a lot. I guess the reason why we haven’t seen them in the K-pop scene for a year is because they’re coming back with a full length album. Yes, 12 or 13 songs of hearing Yunho and Changmin’s voices. Fangirls rejoice! They will be releasing the album the 6th of January, but will showcase their title track “Something” on Music Bank the 3rd of January. Hopefully,  the MV will be released the same day because it looks interesting. White folks say heyyy because you guys are in it. No hate, I love to see foreigners in K-pop MVs, but this isn’t surprising anymore. Check out the teaser!



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