[UPDATED]Girl’s Day Releases Teaser and MV Images for ‘Something’

Girl’s Day is back with an even more sexy concept than Expectation and Female President, so what exactly is it? Come check it out with group teaser photo, Sojin’s/Hyeri’s/Minah’s solo teaser, AND MV teaser.

Girls-Day_1388106137_af_orgWith four more days until their release for “Something,” Girl’s Day is releasing teasers left and right. Also, what’s up with idols releasing title tracks name “Something”? I mean it’s only two groups, but still it’s kind of…weird. For this concept it’s suppose to be even more sexy, but how more sexy can they get without taking off their clothes? No hate, just a question. We all saw Female President and Expectation, so my question still stands, what more can they do without taking off their clothes? Let’s answer that when the MV drops, but here’s the teasers!


Yeah, this will be an interesting reaction.






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