[UPDATED]Rain Release Teaser Image for ’30Sexy’ + MV Teaser for ’30Sexy’ and ‘LA Song’

After two year in the army and an appearance at the MAMA, Rain is coming back with a new track. Will we see some air humping or, wait, actual grinding on females? Come check out the teaser. 

Rain_1388372676_af_orgActually I don’t know what will happen in Rain’s comeback, but look at the name of the track, something will happen. Something sexy for 30 year olds, a mature and sexy concept, which is what he’s doing. No set date is confirmed for the comeback, but I expect a great comeback.


Rain released some more image teasers at 11:59 p.m and it’s for “La Song”, but he also released two video teasers. What’s the rush? Oh, he moved his comeback up to January 2nd. Ah, well have a look!

Rain_1388395052_20131230_Rain Rain_1388395052_20131230_Rain_2

2 thoughts on “[UPDATED]Rain Release Teaser Image for ’30Sexy’ + MV Teaser for ’30Sexy’ and ‘LA Song’

  1. Mandy_Noona says:


    You know that, during filming the show -Rain Effect, he mentioned wanting to be sexy and fully clothed for his album concept. I’d say he handled it.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I must now go die in the corner…. >_<
    *ascends to heaven*

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