[UPDATED] B1A4 Releases Teaser Image for ‘Who am I?’ + MV Teaser for ‘Lonely’

No wonder B1A4’s CNU hair was cut during the Gayo Daejuns, he was preparing for a comeback. Come check out the teasers photos and the comeback date.

B1A4-Baro_1388527709_af_orgYou know, we haven’t heard from B1A4 since “What’s happening?/What’s going on?” (which ever one you guys prefer), so I cannot wait for what they’re coming back with. Are they going to stick with that type of music style as “What’s going on?” since that song won them a music show trophy or will they do something else? Unfortunately, WM Entertainment (their company) did not reveal the concept, but did release individual teaser photos. I feel some folks changing their wallpapers.

Baro_1388527648_20131231_b1a43 Baro_1388527649_20131231_b1a44 Baro_1388527650_20131231_b1a45 Baro_1388527650_20131231_b1a46 Baro_1388527651_20131231_b1a47It’s look really mellow. Well, let’s see if I’m right. B1A4 will have their comeback the 13th of January.




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