Rain Releases ’30Sexy’ and ‘LA Song’ MV + Full Album

Let’s bring out an umbrella because the Rain is pouring today. Actually, it’s snowing here, but Rain is back with his MVs and album, so check his music out!

Rain_1388395052_20131230_Rain_2Guys, I haven’t did a lame/cliche joke in awhile, so I should start the new year with one. But in all seriousness, Rain is hitting the new year off with something…different. It’s different than what I used to from him, but it’s an alright different. See what I’m talking about below.

My Reaction 

My Reaction 

Rain Effect *Note the lyrics aren’t out yet, so it’s judgement on first listen*

Rain Effect *Intro*


Oh wee! Starting off the album really RnB-ish. I like it because it reminds me of the Rain I know before the military. The chorus is awesome. He’s already alibiing in the beginning.  His vocals, man, he haven’t lost his touch. I would totally recommend this for a easy listen or to put you in the mood. BUT, I don’t know what he’s talking about. Jeez. Listen or not: Definitely a listen!

Marilyn Monroe

Miss Marilyn Monroe you are iconic! She really is to be honest, but this song is really soothing. Without the lyrics, I already know that he’s talking about a girl. A beautiful girl at that.  The English lyrics also helped, the little English he had in there, but I got an understanding because of it. Thanks Rain. I wonder who the rapper is though because his rap added something to this song to make it even more better. <– That’s not grammarly correct, but it was already good with Rain’s voice, but adding the rap to it made it…perfecto! Listen or not: Listen!

Where are you going, Oppa?

You have to clap your hands as if you are about to twerk when the beat dropped. I can tell that it’s HyunA’s voice without knowing that she was suppose to be here. Her voice is just unique. Even with HyunA here, I don’t think this song is that great. The beat is what getting me through this song. The beat is super dope, but the lyrics to it is not. Listen or not: Not.

30Sexy (East4a Deeptech Mix)

If you want to club banging night…in your room then this version of 30Sexy for you. I really like it better than the remix. Seriously, this will be on my phone. Listen or not: Headbanging listen!

Dear Mama Don’t Cry

Now, sorry to ask this question, but which mama is he talking about? His actual mother who gave birth or his girl that he calls mama? That’s a serious question, but hopefully, it’s about his actual mother. I love these type of dedication song. Nothing can ever go wrong when you have this type of song and the same goes for Rain. The intertwine of the rapping and singing is good, but the chorus is pretty repetitive. Usually, I don’t have a problem with it, but this time it’s just…too much. Listen or not: Maybe


I really like this song. The beat and vocal is all here. Hopefully, people who complain that the old K-pop isn’t here anymore should most definitely listen to this song. This is reminds me of old school music, lol early 2000s, but seriously it does. The bridge…speechless. The beast…speechless. I might as well download this song. Listen or not: Listen.


What the heck is going on in the beginning? He’s spelling out Superman and adding something after each letter, but I couldn’t really here what he was saying. Plus, that falsetto. I didn’t like it in the original 30Sexy and I most definitely don’t like here. Jeez, why did he put this song last of this album? This is…I don’t know what this is. Maybe there will be somebody who will like this track, but I don’t. Listen or not: Hecks no.

Overall, his album is good and worth a listen. I like his RnB style way more than his upbeat songs, but of course I wouldn’t want him to stick to just RnB style. For example 알아버렸어 is really good and it’s not his usual RnB style, so his upbeat songs will appeal to the public.

What do you guys think about the album?


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