Girl’s Day Releases ‘Something’ MV

TVXQ…check. Rain…check. Now, it’s Girl’s Day turn to reveal their MV and it’s pretty sexy. So, what are you waiting for?

Girls-Day_1388106137_af_orgIt feels like there will be a MV release everyday in January. This is like the 4th MV release this month and it’s only the second day in January. I will try to look at this MV tonight, but I’m leaving for Florida at 2 am, so that might not happen until I get back. I apologize in advance for not having my reaction up, but I feel as if you might not like it. Girl’s Day is showing a mature sexy side of themselves in this MV, but they’ve been doing that since Expectation. What’s so different about this video than the last two? The clothes? The message? Just what, but I’ll hold my judgment until I see the MV. Until then you guys check out the MV.

My Reaction


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