B.A.P to Pre-release ‘B.A.B.Y’ January 12th!

Y’all please hold while I…*spazzing* When and where will they pre-release the track? What kind of concept will this song be? All that here~

BAP_1388967188_af_orgGuys, this song is dedicated to yours truly…B.A.P’s fandom (me) the Babyz. I am so happy to get new music from them! It’s been awhile in B.A.P’s time. I mean we haven’t heard from them since August, and call me spoiled, but that’s a long time. Now, I won’t get into the arguments that they’re tired and shouldn’t comeback because I see it, but I will not complain when THEY WANT to release new music.  Period. Anyway, they’ll be releasing this track on the 12th of January at their fanmeeting for the 2nd generation Babyz, 2nd Baby day: Be My Baby. Why the heck am I not in S.Korea? Jeez, but yours truly participated in the lyrics. That’s right, Bang Yongguk (My husband bias. Ultimate bias is overused now), wrote the song himself to show his fatherly love to the fans. Yes, he calls us his daughters.

I cannot wait for this release. Mark your calendars for Saturday! Until then!


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