[UPDATED] GOT7 Releases MV Teaser + 2nd MV Teaser!

Ah, JYP finally giving us a new boy group and they’re cute! *Cute…signaling the age* But do they have talent? Come check out their teaser!

got7_1389283733_20140109_GOT7About this uniform concept…when will it be over with? Sorry to start off that way, but jeez we should have left that in 2013. Again, GOT7 fans, sorry, but it’s true. I just want to know what image they’re going to put out in their debut MV because the teaser isn’t helping me. Seriously, the Wi-fi at my hotel/dorm sucks right now, but even with that the teaser didn’t help me. I don’t know if that beat is the beat to their song or what. It feels as if I have not seen the teaser, but what image will they put out now because I feel as if they will be stuck in it if the song is good. People are so narrow minded in K-pop recently that when someone is good in particular area (concept) they don’t want them to change up that concept and explore new ones. Getting sidetracked there, but if you’ve been living under a rock or exploring a new country with sucky Wi-fi and haven’t see the teaser, here you go!

The title track is “Girls Girls Girls”…doesn’t end when they say it reminds you of Se7en’s song call “Girls”? Maybe it’s just me.


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