A-Prince Releases Members Teasers Photos for ‘Yes or No’

K-pop peeps, do you know that there’s an updated way of saying this (yes or no)? Well, I tell you about it after you see these wonderful teaser photos! 

I wasn’t playing when I said that these photos are wonderful. This is a different side of A-Prince from their last comeback in August with “Mambo”. This seems to be a rough MV, a trend that’s been happening a lot last year, but seem to be carried over this year with A-Prince. No male group have yet to come out with a rough MV aside from the rookie group, K-Much, and now it’s A-Prince’s turn. Enough of my rumbling check out Minhyuk and Woobin.


downloadAre these pictures going to be your wallpaper or nah? <—It’s the new version of yes or no, that will NOT take over the old version.


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