Thailand Experience First Post!

Woot, I finally got around to blog about my experience in Thailand. Boy, was it an eye opener…again. Come check out my perspective on Thailand!

So, I already vlogged about my first thoughts of Thailand and I’m just moving it to my blog and write some more details for each video. I think that’s the best way to handle this blog and my YouTube channel. You know, “killing two birds with one stone” type of deal. Let’s get to it.

It’s really hot here. Extremely hot and my boss would probably like this weather in Kansas City right now. It’s been in the 80’s ever since I got here and it doesn’t look as if it will drop anytime soon. As I said in the video, you could feel the heat in the bridge after getting off the plane, but I think I got somewhat used to the weather here.  I’ve been walking around the area a lot, so the weather doesn’t affect me that much. How do I stand the heat? Just get inside a cool building in stay there for awhile then carry on to your journey after you get a cooling fix. Wow, I sound like a junky, but it works.

The people here are so friendly. If I came off as rude when I mentioned the staring above, just be in my shoes for a moment. Would you like it when people stare at you for a long period of time? I understand that they may not have a lot of black people here in Thailand, but it’s really uncomfortable for me. I am used to this since this happened to me in Turkey, but it’s easy to forget that you’re in another country who are interested in you. Phew, had to get that off my chest.



The people here are very interesting, by interesting, I mean their driving is interesting. If you thought driving in the States is dangerous, I need you to think again. There are mopeds and scooters EVERYWHERE. Everywhere. They have up to four people riding it at the same time. Scooters and cars driving at outrageous speed. They do not mind any signs except for the stop light. Jaywalking here is a must. You have to do it or you’ll be waiting on the side of the road forever. Next time I will have a video on this, hopefully. All I’m saying is that if we did this in the States…we’d be in jail. I know, it’s a different country and not America, but it’s still fascinating to see all this and no cops pulling people over.

I think I’ve said everything I needed to say about the orientation and the director’s speech. If I continue on, I think I would cross the line.

Welp, this is my journey so far. It’s pretty cool and I haven’t caught the symtoms of homesickness…not yet at least, but all in all it’s good. For pictures check out my Instagram account! My username is Onlykanaissa. Until next time!


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