GOT7 Releases ‘Girls Girls Girls’ MV!

Fianlly, a new boy group from JYP Entertainment since 2pm debuts! You have to check out their sick dance moves, underground teen club, and (the most important thing) motorized skateboard. What are you waiting for?

got7_1389283733_20140109_GOT7The motorized skateboard is a plus. Seriously, did you see them? Different colors and everything. JYP is putting a lot on this group, but what’s up with the song though? JYP could have chosen a better song for them to debut with than that song. You have to keep in mind that debuts have increased since 2012 with B.A.P and EXO then again in 2013 with BTS and LC9. So, I will ask again, what’s up with the song choice? You check out the MV and be the judge.

My Reaction 

One thought on “GOT7 Releases ‘Girls Girls Girls’ MV!

  1. NyNy says:

    Everything about the group is something I love not just their debut song and now they are my second favourite group after 2PM (I’m so JYP bias >_<). All the members are likeable and their songs are nice (especially 난 니가 좋아)

    Definitely supporting them!

    I hope you will also check out my new blog post on them and comment, I'd appreciate your opinion a lot 🙂

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