LesSang’s Gary Releases ‘Shower Later’ and ‘Zotto Mola’ MV

Remember when I said that it’ll be weird to see Running Man Gary become rapper Gary? Yes, I was right. Come check out the rated 19+ MVs he released! Seriously, please be 19 years old and above.imagesI need to go to church after watching Gary’s MV. Note that I didn’t put a “S” after MV because “Shower Later” is really really out there. If people complain about American pop or hip hop music then this MV is not for you. “Shower Later” totally reminds me of American rap MV with all the females dancing around and act like hookers. Sorry, but I’m being honest here. As for “Zotto Mola”, I don’t know why it’s rated 19, but I guess the message is rated 19.  You know, me explaining it making it seem as if the MVs are bad. Just check them out for yourself!

My Reaction 

My Reaction 

What do you guys think?


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