B.A.P Releases Group Teaser and Album Cover for First Full Album!

Oh Lord the unexpected, but expected has happened. Come check out the group photo and album cover of B.A.P’s new album! Y’all aren’t ready for this.

BAP_1390262555_af_orgSchool, why must I be at school? If I was still in America, I could have already written a post on the teaser picture of 1004 and album cover ages ago, but no I have to learn Thai. Jeez, but Tumblr will be fun after class because of all the fan edits that will be out. You guys are quick, but look at our boys. Just look at them.



Though, I wonder why they released the group teaser first instead of the pair set teasers? I mean I don’t have a problem, but usually they release those teasers first. All that means for me is that I will not change my wallpaper today. I’ll be patiently waiting for Bang’s solo teaser, but I’m excited with Zelo. His hair is freaking silver. His teaser photo have to be epic or else I will be upset. Seriously, silver hair. Don’t even let me get started on the album cover. It looks so fancy. Super fancy. I have to buy this album no matter what because I feel they put so much time on this album. Judging by the album cover it’s going to be epic.


Oh, I cannot wait for what else they have in store for us.


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