Naver Releases Individual + Group Teaser Photos of B.A.P’s ‘First Sensibility’

Yes, there’s a difference between TS releasing teasers and Naver releasing teasers…I think. C’mon Babyz (and Warriors), check out all the beautiful pictures! Note: Time to change wallpaper!

proxyThey are killing me with all the photos that are being released today. Seriously, and they were without warning, AGAIN! But, TS did not release the teasers this time, but Naver did. I don’t know if Naver is promoting them or gearing fans up for a possible special interview, but the outcome will be the same. Babyz will still die from B.A.P’s hotness. One thing for sure is that I don’t know what the heck is going on. I always try my best to guess what will be in idol groups’ MV by judging the teasers, but when it comes to SHINee (most definitely them) and B.A.P, I always get it wrong. Remember One Shot? Case close. So until I see the MV teaser, I won’t guess what will happen in the MV. I won’t, but guys it’s time to change your cellphone’s, laptop’s and tablet’s wallpaper!

834614750 834614829

proxy (1) 834614992 834614312 834614386


Bones? Yup, seriously not guessing.

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