B1A4 Wins at Show Champion, but in Sajaegi (Buy Back) Controversy

So, should we celebrate or weep? What happened? How many album did they sell within a week and who’s to blame? B1A4-Baro_1388527709_af_org

As we all know B1A4 had their first win for “Lonely” on Show Champion, so congratulations! Though, there’s a problem,  but I don’t know what to say that won’t offend the Banas. I want to be happy for them because this is their second win since debuting, so what exactly is going on?

tumblr_m8qs4x7fK71qk7jgbLet’s understand the term Sajaegi (buy back) first,  buy back basically means buying back your album. Self explanatory, but the controversy behind it is that their company is buying back their album. How you do it is that “companies will take one CD, replace the barcode, record the barcode as sold, replace the barcode again, record it as sold again, and rinse and repeat with the same single CD”. A big no no in K-pop because you are basically buying their success and that’s why I’m at a crossroad with their win.

tumblr_mdcpvd0Bgo1rvv4qro1_250Another reason why this is an controversy because their company is not speaking up on the matter. Let’s look at their sells record, so you guys can have a better understanding on what I’m talking about.

“Proof gathered on the side of B1A4 accounts for 1,000 in domestic group orders, 3,500 in international group orders, and 3,000 in fan signing (Hanteo Charts confirmed that the max limit is 1,000 copies for group orders), which means 32,500 copies (81.25% of their sales) are still missing in the air and unaccounted for. No receipts released (agency claimed they will show them after they assessed the situation)

This is a very big problem on their company’s part. You have to wonder if their company is involved, (I held my opinion out until now), but how come they haven’t released a proper statement that will get the blame off of them? They will “assess the situation”? If it’s not their fault then they should have said, ” we did not buy back their albums and we will assess the situation,” that way the fans (mostly non-fans) will not blame their company. It’s that simple, but if it’s true then that would be lying. So, no statement is better than a bullshit (lying) statement. They have to be better at covering their butts or else this will be the result.

tumblr_m2c6wq36Ww1rs97fco1_500I think the reason why this was brought up because TVXQ’s fans weren’t too thrilled with B1A4’s win. Side note: I hate when veteran groups’ fans think that “rookie” groups cannot win while their oppas and unnies are promoting their track. It’s not impossible. You don’t have to think that they’re cheating (well in this case…we don’t know), but still veteran groups will not win ALL the time. Goodness, but I believe they’re the reason why this is brought up. I won’t say anything else on the matter because we all know how veteran fans act. Just saying. I just wished that their company aren’t involved in this because this will truly effect B1A4 when it’s not even their fault. B1A4 fighting!

My information came here and here’s the original post of the controversy.


5 thoughts on “B1A4 Wins at Show Champion, but in Sajaegi (Buy Back) Controversy

  1. saranghewho says:

    Ooo, that’s going to be a tough situation to handle for the company. But why would a company waste so many resources to “buy back” albums. I don’t understand the math involved here but apparently it made for a lot of sales that are unaccounted for.
    Thanks for the great post!

    • I think it’s dumb for the company to buy back anything because they’re not gaining any profit. Lose lose situation for me. Yeah, I don’t fully understand the sells record either, but I know it’s not good.

  2. kjpopcraze2yc says:

    Are you blaming TVXQ fans for this? You said it yourself, should one feel celebrate it or weep….coz of the sajaegi rumor…
    Fans might want them to win but surely, a fair win is very important. From what I gathered, TVXQ fans was just asking for proof of receipts coz of the crazy increase of member sales. Btw, it’s not just TVXQ fans, other fandoms are questioning it too, it’s just that TVXQ are the one who are more vocal about it since the contender are TVXQ themselves.
    Put yourself in their shoes, if you suspect something, wouldn’t you question it….or stay silent…and let the opponent win scot free?
    It’s not about senior idol/fandom thing….it’s about fairness for an award show….nothing wrong w/ that. If you’d prefer it to be kept hushed up, I strongly disagree. B1A4 is a good and talented group, they should keep their image clean and settle this fairly and nicely

    • You must have misunderstood what I said there. I said, “side note,” which means something that’s NOT related to the topic that’s being discussed. I’m talking about when newer idol groups win music shows in general (NO CHEATING INVOLVED) when a veteran idol groups are promoting. That’s what I said.

      I would question something that’s fishy, I was doing that in the post, and I blame the company for the buy back controversy (again said it in the post), but if TVXQ’s fans hadn’t brought it up then I wouldn’t have known about it. That’s why I said, that TVXQ’s fans brought it out into the media. Did I say anything negative about them doing aside from what I said above that’s NOT even related to the topic? I don’t think so.

      You also have to get out of that mind frame that everything is “fair” at Music shows or award shows because it’s not. Seriously…it’s not.

  3. Poor boys, b1a4.. I feel so upset hear this scandal.. I think it is just because big agency sm ent and tvxq fans can not believe that b1a4 whose rookie idol can beat up tvxq.
    but just look a reality…..people was loved b1a4 soooo much because their hardworks, and they are from little agency

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