B.A.P Releases ‘First Sensibility’ Medley!

Thank you TS for not completely torturing us throughout this week. This album will be questioning my loyalty to B.A.P. *Tears* Come check out the new sound from B.A.P!

BAP_1390262568_20140120_BAP_2I was joking when I said that…to a certain degree. You guys know how I feel about slow ballads, right? If you don’t, I don’t really listen to K-pop ballads and this album is somewhat filled with them, but I will hold off judgments until the album is out. I just don’t want to be a hypocrite when it comes to B.A.P that’s all, but go on check out the album!

My favorite snippets so far are B.A.P, 1004 (Angel), It’s Easy, Shady Lady, S.N.S (I feel some type of way with this one), Body & Soul, and B.A.B.Y. That’s 7 out of 13. I think that’s a good start. Woot, cannot wait for the 3rd!¬†What are your favorite snippets?

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