BTS’s Countdown Clock to Reveal Teaser for ‘Skool Luv Affair!

Everything involving school with BTS. When are you guys going home? Check out the countdown timer and the snippet included with the timer!

bts_1390750205_af_orgRight now we’re at 157 hours until the teaser is release. What day is that exactly? I love that they’re being different with the teaser countdown method, but who has the time to calculate that into days? I do! I think the teaser/trailer will be out six days from now. That’s what my calculator is telling me and I may be wrong. Jeez, but when are they not talking about school? They must love it…not! Especially after their track “N.O.”┬áIt was reported that their next release is a love song, but this doesn’t sound like one even coming from a hip hop group. Ah, the anticipation is higher because of that. Welp, until the timer dings listen to their snippet. Here’s the video if you don’t want to go to their website.

This sounds awesome!


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