SPICA Releases ‘You Don’t Love Me’ MV

“They got big butts and they cannot lie,” but seriously they do. Come check out their new song written by the Queen Lee Hyori herself!

SPICA_1390375042_af_orgI don’t know what they’re trying to pull here, but judging by the teaser it’s a Nicki Minaj. That’s who I thought of when I first saw their butts in the teaser, I mean who didn’t think of Nicki Minaj? I would be surprise if you didn’t. You can most definitely tell that Lee Hyori wrote this song. It just have that feel to it. No, I haven’t seen the MV because I really want to react to it, but this judgment is coming from the teaser. Maybe I should start setting up my camera to react to it. Yeah, I’ll do that, but until that’s up check out their MV!


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