BTS Releases ‘Skool Luv Affair’ Trailer!

The timer went ding and the trailer is here! With less than 12 hours until B.A.P’s comeback, BTS want to make us weak. Come check out the trailer that started the timer off with 185 hours!

bts_1391355837_140203_bts_comebacktrailer_countdownI don’t know if I was right with my calculations, but I’m sure glad that it did not come out when B.A.P releases their MV. I would have made a tough decision to watch the trailer after B.A.P’s MV. Sorry, BTS! I’m really sorry. Check out their trailer! I’m happy that you read through my rambling, but we’ve waited 185 hours for this. Enjoy~ Oh, by the way, there’s another countdown timer! (BTS and their timers). This countdown is for when they’ll be revealing their teaser photos. 6 hours until the release time!

6 thoughts on “BTS Releases ‘Skool Luv Affair’ Trailer!

  1. I cant wait for all the different comebacks that are planned for February!

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