[UPDATED] B.A.P Releases 1004 (Angel) MV + First Sensibility Album!

Jesus take the wheel! I cannot with them! I can’t and especially with Himchan. Come check out this video, but be warned it’s too much sadness in this MV!

BAP_1390262555_af_orgGuys, no. I can’t. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m dying. After all the torturing with numerous teasers, pictures, and tweets, it’s here. It’s here, so that we can finally spazz to death in peace. Seriously, what are you waiting for? I can’t die alone, can I?

My Reaction 

First Sensibility *Note: This review is based on my first listen. I don’t know the lyrics, so I cannot judge the song base on that. This is basically my first impression of the song and if I like it or not.*


I always like B.A.P’s intro. Always. Bang and Zelo’s always complements each other. The chorus is funny though, “B.A.P is back,” we know. Who else will explain my feels that’s all over the place? Yeah, you’re back alright. The beat is really awesome and of course we have Daehyun in the background belting out his high note. It’s weird. Youngjae seems to be in the intro. Usually, I hear Yongguk, Zelo, and Daehyun, but it’s good to have him in the track.

It’s Easy

The piano! They really must love piano after Coffee Shop. Zelo half singing and rapping? No, that’s singing to me. Word? I really really like the chorus. I feel like it fits for Youngjae’s voice, but doesn’t it sound it Daehyun? I don’t know. But Yongguk’s rapping while Zelo is rapping? Yeah, I love it (I’m already humming to it). It’s a mellow song to listen to.


The beginning sound like old school (and I mean old school) hip hop then it turned in to something else. Yongguk saying, “to the left and to the right,” do have a step dance to this? A lot is being thrown at me right now, I mean is it Youngjae’s (or is it Daehyun) voice in what seems like a payphone or something. Oh, jeez I’m so confused on what they’re doing here. I like it, but it’s seems like too much in one song.

Check On

Why does it seems like they want to be old school with this album? I feel like Bang make these songs to complement every members voice. Zelo’s rap, Himchan singing the pre-chorus with Youngjae, and Bang’s usual raps. I haven’t forgotten about Jongup and Daehyun. “To all my followers and visitors, check on it.”

Shady Lady

Zelo singing again? This is so awesome. They’re just doing too much. I’m speechless right now. The part before Yongguk’s rap is just what hooked me. The ah ah part and well whoever’s part before the chorus also hooked me. My ears aren’t helping me today. If people complain about this song, I’m going to bust them in the head. Seriously. Sorry for being violent, but c’mon!


Again! Zelo singing again?! Lord they really went experimenting in this album. Bang is also singing (partially, but still). Almost of the beats in this album is mellow with a little hint of electronics in it. It’s never too mellow and it’s the same with this song, too. Hold up, did Zelo’s voice hit a somewhat high note?

Bang x2

This is the song I had a problem with liking with the medley, but they’re proving me wrong. Well, except for the chorus. (The bang bang part). The chorus is what I don’t like at all. Oh shit, did they just the motherfucking beat? Oh snapped that got me hyped. I’m so done with B.A.P. Please come back to the US, so that I can hear this song live! Just don’t sing the chorus, okay?


Let me talk to you? —Yongguk. I’ll holler at you! This song has that Michael Jackson feel to it especially when Daehyun sang that one part. Ah, this song! I can’t deal. Dude, I can’t. This song is really awesome. I know it’s something sexy that they’re singing about, but goodness this just makes you want to dance.

Body and Soul

Turn the lights off. Sit back and relax your mind–Yongguk. Youngjae’s voice!!!!!!! I cannot! If this don’t sound like a Trey Songz jam to you then I don’t know what you’re listening to. Bang’s whisper. No, I can’t I can’t. I having major feels right now. Jongup haven’t belt out his high note yet and I’m already dead. I’m done with this song. Damn, Daehyun. That was….I won’t write it.

Save Me

I had to take a break after that, but by the way Yongguk is rapping, I’m glad I did so. I’m sorta scared on what he’s talking about with rapping so low. The chorus…wow. I heard Daehyun’s part from the medley, but add Youngjae, it sounds sooo good. Zelo just matured since Badman because he did not sound like this in that mini album. I shouldn’t say that all of them did. This song has so much emotion in it especially from Bang’s and Zelo’s rap.


Did they pre-recorded the crowd? It just sounds live to me when Youngjae start singing. Aw, it’s a song for me. I have to see the lyrics for this since it is about their fans. Somehow, I can’t believe that I was tripping that they didn’t release this on Baby day. I’m glad I waited for this. I don’t know when I heard the preview from the concert it sounded…different. I have to get used to this one.

With You

Last song on the album and it’s a ballad. Something totally vice versa from SM’s albums. I think this type of sound is really suited for Youngjae’s and Daehyun’s (we can add Jongup, too) voice. It just fits for them.Whoa, Himchan is singing. His voice is deeper and huskier Daehyun and Youngjae’s voices. What a way to end this album.

tumblr_m8h39ttzLR1rt9w78Guys, this isn’t much of a review, but just stating the obvious. I will probably have to comeback and add more of a review when I have recovered from these feels. Today was too much to handle from the MV to the album, so I apologize if this wasn’t the type of review you wanted. Just to sum up my rambling, this album is fucking epic! This is a totally different style then what they’ve released in the past. I’m just wondering when did they have time to write and record this because it does sound like something that would take a year to create. I need to stop. B.A.P really do hurt my soul.

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