[UPDATED] BTS Releases Teaser Photos for ‘Skool Luv Affair’ + Individual Teaser Image + Just One Day Audio Clip!

Is this really a love song? That’s the question you’ll be asking after viewing the concept pictures. Come check them out if you haven’t.

You know, I just realized something. They released the snippet of the song before the photos. That’s weird to me because it’s always been vice versa. You know, photos, MV teaser, then medley, but for BTS it’s timer, snippet, photos, then I guess a MV teaser later. That’s weird, right?  Hey, I’m not complaining, but just wanted to point that out. Anyways, the teaser photos doesn’t scream love song to me. They’re probably pulling a SHINee on me and releasing concept photos that’s not even related to the MV, but the song doesn’t sound like a love song either. BTS is really making me think here. Ugh,  I cannot wait for their release.


Okay, they released more pictures and have another countdown. This countdown is for the album preview. Lord, I’m going predict that there will be a countdown for the releasing of the MV. I just know it. Please hint the sarcasm here, it’s guaranteed that there’ll be a countdown for that. Here’s the individual teaser picture and the pre-streaming song.

bts_1391527861_af_org bts_1391527883_JHope1 bts_1391527884_JHope2 bts_1391527884_Jimin1 bts_1391527885_Jimin2 bts_1391527887_Jin1 bts_1391527888_Jin2 bts_1391527889_JungKook1 bts_1391527889_JungKook2 bts_1391527890_RapMonster1 bts_1391527891_Suga1 bts_1391527891_Suga2 bts_1391527892_V1 bts_1391527892_V2

Finally, I hear a love song! So, I guess the title track isn’t a love song, but they have some in the album? I’m just guessing right now, but “Just One Day” really sounds like a love song. I haven’t listened to it yet because I’m in class, but I’ll listen to it later. I heard a snippet and it sounds good, so I cannot wait to get home.

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