CNBLUE to Comeback in February!

Another joins the comeback rush in February! CNBLUE is coming back with a self compose song as their title track and more!

SVD98Seriously, what going on this month? Everybody is coming back and luckily I do not stan a lot of groups or else I would be broke as a joke. Let’s just say it’s the idol groups Valentine’s gift to you. CNBLUE’s gift is a self composed song from Yonghwa and a comeback show on SBS! Doesn’t that sound better than a corny date on the 14th? No? Alright then, but here’s what the company said:

“This album consists of the members’ self-created songs. Leader Yonghwa’s [self-created] track has been confirmed to be the title track and CNBLUE will showcase their color. It’s true CNBLUE is having an exclusive comeback show with SBS. It’ll be recorded towards the end of February and will air in March.”

I hope the title track sounds like “Lady”. I just recently found that song and fell in love with it, but like I said hopefully it sounds like that. Mark your calendars for…I don’t know when, but it’s in February!



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