[UPDATED] Sunmi Releases Photo Teaser for ‘Full Moon’ + More Teaser Photos

After her successful solo debut with “24 Hours,” she’s coming back with a very new concept. One thing for sure, I really like the nail polish on her toe nails. Come check the teaser. 

sunmi_1391700521_af_orgYou guys probably think I’m weird, right? Hey, can I not compliment her nail polish color? Lol, but I’m getting a Shakira “She Wolf” vibe from the teasers. I mean full moon and wolves aren’t far off from each other, and judging by the font of the text of full moon, it looks like it’s Sunmi is going with a fantasy concept. Don’t shoot me, but I haven’t seen “24 Hours,” so this will be my first time looking at Sunmi’s MV and I have high hopes for it. You literally cannot go wrong with a fantasy concept…oh wait there was the Twilight Saga movies. *Shade* She has a lot of eyes on her, so she really have to do well this comeback around. Sunmi will be back the 17th of February with the MV and mini album!





sunmi_1391958904_af_org sunmi_1391958967_20140209_sunmi2 sunmi_1391958968_20140209_sunmi3


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