[UPDATED] BTOB Releases Tracklist and Individual Teaser for Comeback + Album Medley!

BTOB is geared up for their comeback and they’re releasing some teaser photos to not torture their fans for their long waited comeback. Come check out the track list and teasers!

BTOB_1391824672_af_orgI’ve made so many of these posts this month, and today (curse you school), that it’s not even funny. BTOB decided to release their teaser photos three days ago for “Ddui Ddui Bbang Bbang”. I’m just wondering why everybody is so key into releasing something in February when we have 10 more months in the year, or 4 more months for the first half of the year. It makes no sense, but it’s going to be an interesting month, so I shouldn’t complain. This is their fourth mini album with 5 songs on it. Two of them, (“Hello Mello” and “(Melody) That Won’t End”), were self-composed by the members. I’m guessing the Melody song is dedicated to their fandom since their fans are called Melodies, so I really anticipating that track. No, I’m not a Melody, but any song dedicated to their fans have to be good, right? I’m having high hopes for that song and their title track of course. BTOB will be back the 17th! While you wait check out them teaser photos below!



BTOB released preview of their album! They’re keeping “Ddui Ddui Bbang Bbang” under wraps though, but check out the rest of the songs! The album sounds promising!


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