BTS Releases ‘Boy In Luv’ MV!

BigHits, are you going to be like SM?? Please don’t be like them, but you have to check out their comeback! We’re talking about BTS in uniforms…nuff said.

bts_1391355837_140203_bts_comebacktrailer_countdownUgh, I cannot believe I was asleep when this was released! I was really excited to react to it when it first came out, but no I wanted to be a goody two shoe, I’ve decided to go to bed early. I’m going to have to live dangerously for now on. I haven’t seen the MV, and will most likely react to it later today, because I can’t do it now. I can get fined for a noise complaint and it’s 6 in the morning. So, yeah…no, but I’ve read good thing about the MV, so I cannot wait to view it! As you guys anticipate my reaction, check out the MV!

My Reaction


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