SM The Ballad’s Jonghyun and Chen Releases ‘A Day Without You’ Track

It’s time for EXO’s fans to rejoice, and of course SHINee’s fans too, because “A Day Without You” is released! Come check out this ballad.



I don’t know if I’m in the mood to cry, but I’ll give it a shot. I like the sound at the beginning. It tells me that it’s not a complete ballad and that’s exactly what I need to hear. Have you ever been in the middle of wanting to hear a hype song and a mellow song? That’s where I’m at and this song is perfect for that mood…that is if you don’t know the meaning. I don’t know how I’m bobbing my head to a song where the guy broke up with his girl and is emotionally hurt by it. I shouldn’t do that, right? But the song is good. Their voices harmonizes well together. I just might download this song. It’s really good, take a listen.

The release schedule is as follows:

February 10 – Taeyeon and Jonghyun’s duet “Breath” (Korean version)
February 11 – Jonghyun and Chen’s duet “One Day”
February 12 – Taeyeon’s solo “Set Me Free”
February 13 – Chen and Krystal’s duet “The Good and Bad” (“When I Was When U Were”) / Yesung, Zhoumi’s “I Was Greedy” (“Blind”) / Chinese (Chen and Zhang Li Yin) and Japanese (Changmin and Krystal) versions of “Breath”

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