[UPDATED] BTOB Releases Rated 19 MV Teaser For ‘Beep Beep’ + 3rd Teaser!

What? Word? This is something unexpected from BTOB. If you’re sick and tired of the sexy girls concept then I don’t suggest viewing the teaser! But if you don’t mind, or that you’re curious, then come check it out!

BTOB_1391392769_af_orgSeriously, what’s up with rated 19 MVs in K-pop this year? It’s only February! It’s just unexpected that BTOB would join in on the rated 19 comeback list. It’s so weird, but I’m anticipating it. First off let me post the first MV teaser and comment on it then I’ll comment on the second teaser. Video wise though, I’m in class. *Cues Troublemaker song*

I don’t know how you could look hard walking to mini motorized cars, but BTOB accomplished that. The song (I plugged in my earphones…secretly. I’m going to get caught one of these days), sound good. It kind of reminds me of their “WOW” era and I really love that era then the Thriller era. Onward, to the adult teaser!

I’m done. I cannot even watch this in class. The freaking thumbnail is the girl’s butt. C’mon now!What the heck is going on? How can you go from mini motorized cars to an underground club with *insert adjective* girls dancing? I won’t fully look at it and give an opinion about it until I get home, okay?


I seriously don’t know what’s going on here with BTOB’s new MV. So, will they be driving mini motorized cars or big ones? Will they have a rated 19 MV or not? It’s just confusing at this point of time. I guess I’ll find out what’s going on tomorrow! I’ll be back in Hua Hin tomorrow, and Bangkok was a trip, so I should have a reaction up tomorrow. MAYBE! Anticipate it!

What do you guys think of the three teasers?


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