Girl’s Day You’re Too Sexy! Sexy Concepts Here to Stay?

Everybody knows that sex sells, but is it getting out of control in K-pop? Specifically for girls? I have a thing or two (or a lot) to say about sexy concepts. Take out your hearts because it’s going to get real opinionated in here.

Girls-Day_1388106137_af_orgI’ve finally gotten around to write this post! I’ve been meaning to write about this two weeks ago, but got caught up in some things like school work. Yup, we all should understand my position. Anyway, ever since the new year started all we’ve seen from girl groups are sexy concepts. We have Girl’s Day, SPICA, Rainbow Blaxx, AOA, Domino Game, Ga in (of course), Stellar (boah, this group) and Ladies Code is joining them with their comeback this month. That’s 8 sexy themed concept and it’s the second week of February. We still have, technically, 11 months to go this year, so will every girl group come out with a sexy concept to get noticed? That’s the question here.

Netizens Comments

tumblr_mdcpvd0Bgo1rvv4qro1_250The netizens don’t seem to like the constant sexy concept comebacks except for SPICA since they were sexy in a unique (to me comical) way than the others. I think the one group with the most negative feedback was Rainbow Blaxx. I mean have you seen their teasers? Here I’ll post them for you.

Usually, I don’t agree with them, but right now I am. Body scans? Them moaning? Is this really how the company is promoting these girls? Seriously, you hear this on the cheesy late night phone commercials, not in MV teasers.

What’s going on, Stellar?

Sorry, I started on this last week before Stellar’s comeback, but now it’s Stellar that’s receiving a lot of hate for their “Marionette” concept.  I haven’t seen their video, but I’ve read their Facebook page, and don’t let me get started. If your company is promoting your new song by posting pictures like this:



and say this, “The more you ‘like’, the marionettes will be unveiled,” then you’re not gaining attention with your music, but with your body. That’s pretty messed up. Netizens can be upset with Rainbow Blaxx’s MV teasers ( I mean those were disturbing), but Stellar take the cake on this one. Their company is going too far with this and if people defend this method of promoting then something is HIGHLY wrong with you. You cannot defend this and argue that there’s a double standard in K-pop. That argument doesn’t work in this situation.

My Opinion

tumblr_m8irdsaCFK1qa7tfso1_250Here’s my problem with it, I think the sexy concept will get old rather quickly if EVERY girl group decides to comeback with that concept. Seriously, if you hate seeing YG artists swagged up all the time, it’s the same for me with sexy concept with girl groups. I don’t have a problem with being sexy, but if it doesn’t relate to the song then why are you doing it? What’s your purpose? I could only come up with one reason and that’s to get recognized attention by the public and it doesn’t matter if it’s negative or positive, I mean look at Stellar. 

The Double Standard

tumblr_m8mh9448Zi1ry4o9ro1_1280Double standard is an issue in every topic. Whether it’s music, television, news, politics, etc, it’s everywhere. So, when people are getting up and arms about how male groups who take off their shirts and showing their abs, but girl groups cannot wear short shorts, I laugh. It’s very comical to me because, in other societal issues that involves double standard, are the fans that involved with voicing their opinions on double standard? Are they? Have they taken a course in Women Studies to understand why it’s looked down upon when females show their bodies and do provocative dancing? Do they have that knowledge? If not, and they’re just defending their favorite group, then I will need them to sit down. Double standards is a big problem in this world and if you don’t care about it outside of K-pop then you don’t care about it at all. That’s why I laugh at the constant comparison between male idols groups and female idols groups. We have never been viewed the same as equals, so to think that it will be equal in K-pop, and not anywhere else, is funny. Be active and speak up about double standards (and inequalities) outside of K-pop then maybe something will change. Again, I don’t have a problem with girls groups doing sexy concept, but the sexiness needs to be relevant to the message of the song. 

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