[UPDATED]Girls’ Generation Release Teaser Photos of Seohyun, YoonA, and Taeyeon + More Members!

Just after announcing their comeback last week, SNSD are releasing the image stills of the MV! It’s a completely different side SNSD, come check it out! You know you want to.

Girls-Generation-YoonA-Tiffany-Seohyun_1392252382_af_orgWhen I saw the teaser photos, I was blindsided, well only by YoonA, because I rarely see her with a lot of make up on. I mean the make up is caked on their faces in the photos, but it looks awesome. I’m expecting a female empowering song! Seriously, I mean look at them. It have to be one, right? Maybe not, but the track is a dance track with a R&B sound with it. “Mr.Mr” will be out the 19th, stay tune for it!

Seohyun_1392252413_20140213_girlsgeneration_1 Seohyun_1392252413_20140213_girlsgeneration_2


Sunny_1392336227_20140214_girlsgeneration Sunny_1392336228_20140214_girlsgeneration1 Sunny_1392336229_20140214_girlsgeneration2 Tiffany_1392427575_20140215_girlsgeneration2 Sung-Yuri-Girls-Generation-Sooyoung-Tiffany_1392427361_af_org 4


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