CNBLUE Releases Teaser Images For ‘Can’t Stop’

CNBLUE’s comeback already in the forefront of everybody’s mind and  they’re keeping themselves in the forefront by releasing the image teasers. Come check them out!CNBLUE_1392261593_af_orgWhenever CNBLUE comes back, I really don’t hear that much news regarding their comeback. Maybe because I wasn’t running my blog when they had a comeback, but still this comeback is getting a lot of attention. I mean their album topped the pre-release charts, so something is going on with CNBLUE. Before anybody jumps my throat, it’s not a bad thing! I’m just wondering about the hype, that’s all. Anyway, they’ll be releasing Yonghwa’s self-composed song called “Can’t Stop,” on the 24th of February. Now, go check out them them teaser photos that was taken in New York!

CNBLUE_1392318498_cnblue1 CNBLUE_1392318498_CNBLUE2 CNBLUE_1392318499_cnblue3 CNBLUE_1392318500_cnblue4 CNBLUE_1392318438_af_org


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