Sunmi Releases ‘Full Moon’ MV + Mini Album

Boy, that man was attractive! Sunmi kidnapped a good looking man. Come check out the MV to understand what I’m talking about! It involves vampires!

sunmi_1391958904_af_orgSee I told you! You cannot go wrong with a fantasy concept! Although I didn’t get the story line whatsoever, but the song and dance was really good. One of the best female comeback this year. Question: What does a full moon have to do with vampires? Do you guys know because I don’t and I guess that doesn’t matter to Sunmi either. I’m such a nerd, so I tend to nitpick at these things, but go check out the MV!

My Reaction 

Mini Album

24 Hours


Who Am I ft. Wonder Girl’s Yubin

Frozen in Time ft. Got7’s Jackson

If That Were You

What do you guys think of the MV and album?


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