CNBLUE Releases ‘Can’t Stop’ MV and Album!

After moving their comeback date up a day, CNBLUE is finally back after “I’m Sorry”. Come check out their single, and album, that’s topping the chart before it was even released!

CNBLUE_1392318438_af_orgYou know, I’m real excited to watch CNBLUE’s MV since this will be my first time looking at their MV and reacting to it. Basically how it was with Sunmi, and I wasn’t let down, so I hope it’s the same with CNBLUE. I haven’t seen the MV yet (it’s 2 in the morning in Thailand and for a hotel room the walls are kind of thin, so…yeah), but judging by the teasers the MV looks….interestingly bipolar. Just my first impressions of it, but why don’t you guys check out the MV until I get a chance to see it, okay?

My Reaction *Will be posted later*


Diamond Girl

Cold Love

Sleepless Night

Love Is

Like A Child


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