[UPDATED] All members of 2NE1’s Teaser Released for ‘Crush’

It’s never a dull moment when two of the best girl groups in K-pop are releasing stuff left and right, and I mean never. Come check out 2NE1’s out of this world teaser pictures.

2NE1_1392816073_af_orgI haven’t really been writing about 2NE1’s comeback on my blog ever since they mentioned their AON world tour and full album release date. Yes, I know I’m being a very bad blogger right now, but with all the delays that’s going on I found time to blog about their comeback. Thanks YG, don’t ever change your trolling ways. Though, 2NE1’s comeback kind of blindsided me since this month was when Winner was supposed to debut, but I guess SNSD happened so YG changed his mind. I’ll do a SNSD vs 2NE1 comeback battle vlog later because I really want to hear both songs before vlogging. I think that’s fair. I have to remain unbiased, so I have to do it this way. Soon after Girl’s Generation released their album, Dara’s then soon after Minzy teaser images were released. Check them out! I can’t wait for the rest of the image teasers!

2NE1_1393218576_af_org Dara_1393221721_2NE1-NEW-ALBUM-CRUSH-TEASER-PIC2

You guys have new wallpapers don’t you?


2NE1-CL_1393287513_af_org CL_1393308449_20140225_parkbom


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