A Pink Releases MV Teaser for ‘Mr.Chu’

It’s Thursday blog day and A Pink releases a MV teaser that is set at a tennis court. Can we say Prince of Tennis, but flocking over the prince?

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A Pink Releases Teaser Image for ‘Mr. Chu’

A Pink is getting ready for the Spring season with their comeback album! They’re getting out of the cutesy concept for this one and it’s something to see.  Continue reading


MBLAQ Releases ‘Be A Man’ MV Teaser!

Guess what y’all? MBLAQ is coming back after their more than a year long hiatus. They’re going back to their roots with this track, so check out the teaser! Continue reading


4minute Releases ‘Whatcha Doing Today?’ MV + Album ‘4minute World!

4minute is back and with another question. It’s not 4minute if they aren’t asking a question…seriously. Come check out their song that’s topping the charts! Continue reading


Lack of Updates!

Sorry, guys that I’ve not been updating you guys on current events and releases in K-pop.


I have no excuses, but everything will be up to date, hopefully, by the end of this week. Also, reaction videos for all of the MV releases this week as well as last week will be posted this week, too. Hopefully.

So, until next time!!


100% Releases Teaser Photos and MV Teaser for ‘Heart is Racing’

I am prepared for all the VIXX’s fans to say that 100% stole their concept. That’s right, 100% is coming back with a dark zombie concept. Also, be prepared because these teaser photos should have been released around Halloween. It’s creepy. Continue reading


ToHeart Releases ‘Delicious’ MV + Mini Album!

Two guys moving in together, what could possibly go wrong? How about liking the same girl, it always have to do with a girl with SM and Woollim, but check out this catchy new sound after the SM and Woollim merge! Continue reading


SHINee’s Key & Infinite’s Woohyun (Toheart) Releases ‘Delicious’ MV Teaser!

New subunit, but each member from a different company. It’s something new in K-pop, and something huge, let’s see if they captured their fans with the new teaser! Continue reading


2NE1 Releases ‘Come Back Home’ and ‘Happy’ MV!

Two video released? Is it an apology from YG for delaying the video? Hopefully, but now that it’s released you gotta check it out! Continue reading