ToHeart Releases ‘Delicious’ MV + Mini Album!

Two guys moving in together, what could possibly go wrong? How about liking the same girl, it always have to do with a girl with SM and Woollim, but check out this catchy new sound after the SM and Woollim merge!

INFINITE-Woohyun-SHINee-Key-toheart_1393773459_af_orgI have to admit, this is a catchy song. It’s something that you want to hear again and again, well with MV that is, I hope that they will release a dance version of this song. You know, something that Woollim used to do with Infinite, but no more since “The Chaser”. I didn’t know what to expect from this group because it was a random pair and an unit that blindsided me, but it came out alright. The fans seems to agree to since ToHeart sold about 2,000 records in a day! You don’t quite see that on the views on YouTube (currently around 560,000+ views), but record sells brings in the money, so they’re doing well. I already did the reaction video (surprise surprise), but it’s rendering now, so while you wait check out the MV! *Note: I came to like the video after listening to it again, so my views now and when I reacted to the video are a bit different.*

My Reaction 

Mini Album


Basically, that extra minute in the beginning of the MV was the intro. I figured. I love the funky 80’s feel with the guitar and with Key’s voice. It’s really neat. I might just have to download this track. Why are the intros so good but short? Jeez.


Tell Me Why

You’re My Lady


I only commented on the Intro (as you can see), but I listened to the rest of the album. I can say that this is a decent album for the new duo taken how SHINee and Infinite have different sounds. To agree to have a 80’s themed concept was the best choice to break out in the K-pop scene as a merger group. My favorite songs are Delicious, the intro, and You’re My Lady. What’s your favorite songs?


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