4minute Releases ‘Whatcha Doing Today?’ MV + Album ‘4minute World!

4minute is back and with another question. It’s not 4minute if they aren’t asking a question…seriously. Come check out their song that’s topping the charts!

4minute_1394992827_af_org4minute asks a lot of questions for their title tracks. I can only think of ‘What’s Your Name’, and this track,  but that doesn’t matter. It’s a lot…to me. I guess that’s their persona and it’s working for them since this track topped the charts. I don’t know anything about this track aside from that it was produced by Brave Brothers (they’re working a lot this year) and that the MV is sexy. Not really something new from 4minute, but I’ll anticipate the MV and the album. I’ll leave this MV here if you haven’t seen it yet!

My Reaction 

4miunte World

Wait A Minute

Let You Know

Come In

Thank You 🙂

I’m in class right now, really the only time to update my blog, so I cannot listen to the album. What songs do you like in the album?


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