A Pink Releases Teaser Image for ‘Mr. Chu’

A Pink is getting ready for the Spring season with their comeback album! They’re getting out of the cutesy concept for this one and it’s something to see. 

A-Pink_1395277808_af_orgA Pink is getting out of their cutesy concept. I repeat, A Pink is getting out of their cutesy concept. Ever since I started to deeply pay attention to K-pop (a.k.a the start of this blog) all I’ve ever seen from A Pink are cutesy videos. So, it’s interesting to see them doing something….different. In a way, with the MV concept and album concept, it’s still cutesy for me. I mean their company stated that:

“The album title ‘Pink Blossom’ conjures the feeling of spring and the blossoming of pink flowers, and we tried to fill the album with A Pink’s lovely image… You will be able to listen to A Pink’s pure and refined music that has been taken up another level.”

A-Pink_1395277156_af_orgThe bolded words still suggest, to me, that they’re still doing their cutesy concept. This is literally my opinion on the matter and I may be wrong about it being cutesy despite people saying that they’re straying away from it. I mean look at Miracles of December from EXO. I literally thought it was going to be a happy song, but it’s not. That track is so sad that I don’t know what to do with my life if I listen to it, so to bring it back, I don’t know what to expect from A Pink. I guess I should be anticipating their album and MV.

What do you think about their MV and album concept?


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