MBLAQ Releases ‘Be A Man’ MV Teaser!

Guess what y’all? MBLAQ is coming back after their more than a year long hiatus. They’re going back to their roots with this track, so check out the teaser!

Mir_1394378044_af_orgIt’s been so long since I’ve heard from MBLAQ. “Smoky Girl” was an extremely awesome song and to see what they have in store for this comeback makes me real excited. Some people are claiming that it’s going back to their “Y” and “Cry” era, but (don’t shoot me) I haven’t heard those two songs from MBLAQ. I know, I’m committing a serious crime here, but it’s going to be something new to me. Well, I won’t keep you from watching the teaser, so enjoy. Also, I’ll be posting the pre-release track, “Our Relationship” below.

Our Relationship

Mir_1394378102_20140309_mblaq4 Mir_1394378075_20140309_mblaq1 Mir_1394378083_20140309_mblaq2 Mir_1394378091_20140309_mblaq3

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