A Pink Releases MV Teaser for ‘Mr.Chu’

It’s Thursday blog day and A Pink releases a MV teaser that is set at a tennis court. Can we say Prince of Tennis, but flocking over the prince?

A-Pink_1395277156_af_orgEven though I shouldn’t say this yet, but I’m happy to see a cute concept from A Pink. The girl group sexy concept battle was getting to heated for me to the point that I want a cute concept and I don’t even like cute concepts from females. Also judging by the teaser, “Mr.Chu” looks overly cutesy, so  I’ll bite my tongue and cringe through this comeback of A Pink. Though, the concept is a cliche in the Kpop industry, it has a different feel to it. People, it’s tennis. Tennis. Who likes tennis aside from Prince of Tennis? I’m sorry for those who actually like tennis, but it’s not a sport that’s in the forefront of people’s likes in sports.  I think I just dug myself into a hole. Seriously, so I’ll stop writing, butyou guys check out the teaser!


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